Jan 21, 2011

Ron Asks Ron: 5 Questions

In celebration of Bumblefoot's recent release of his cover version of The Four Tops' "Bernadette," label head Ron Scalzo (Q*Ball, Return To Earth) sits down with Ron Thal to dig deeper in this week's '5 Questions'.

Q:  So far you've released covers from Tom Jones, Frankie Valli, and now The Four Tops. Any common theme there?

BBF:  Yes, the common theme is my PHENOMENAL fucking taste in music.  Haha, yeah, I love old Motown & lounge music, great stuff.  

Q:  Is this your favorite Motown song or even your favorite Four Tops song? Why 'Bernadette'?

BBF:  Don't know if I have a favorite song - anything Stevie Wonder, Tops, Smokey Robinson...  "Tracks Of My Tears," "I Was Made To Love Her," "Baby I Need Your Lovin'"...   all those feel-good songs...   "Bernadette" just felt right - such a good song, it works any which way ya play it.

Q:  I've dubbed you 'The Human Jukebox' in interviews I've done. Can you explain your uncanny ability to play pretty much any popular song on the guitar simply from memory, specifically older tunes - cheezy 80s songs, bad metal, Motown stuff? It's a pretty cool party trick.

BBF:  Ya left out the old 30's jazz standards...   I just love music.  Hey wait, there is no *bad* metal....!

Q:  Oh there's plenty, sir.  You've got some more cover songs in the works - care to fill us in on what songs and how it's going?

BBF:  Would rather keep the songs a surprise, but they're all from the 60s & 70s...

Q:  Party pooper.  How does Ron's Beard feel about you putting this song out? And if all of the Four Tops' mustaches banded together to battle Ron's Beard, do you think they could defeat it?

BBF:  Ron's Beard would probably tell you to send 5 other questions.

Q:  Ron's Beard can suck it.

"Bernadette" by Bumblefoot - available now at iTunes, CD Baby, and Bald Freak Music online.