Sep 4, 2012


This has been a very transitional year for Bald Freak Music, both personally and professionally, one in which i decided to stay in business even tho the "music business" as we all know it has changed so dramatically since I started this microscopic little record label 7 years ago. There is still much to do. I am working on a final Q*Ball album that I will release sometime next year. My longtime electronic rock project is now a decade old and it's time to move on to other things, but I have been writing and recording for most of the past two years, and one last album that my few hundred hardcore fans on this planet will (hopefully still) care about seems like a significant enough swan song.

This will be on the new album. I made it with Chris Pennie and it fits the vibe of what the new album will sound and feel like. Download it for free and share with your sad, depressed friends or just sample via the fancy SoundCloud widget below.
Return To Earth has demo'ed about a dozen songs for our third album, but nothing recorded yet, while Swashbuckle are back from another successful (?) tour - their debut album Crewed By The Damned is sold out and now out-of-print. You can still pick it up digitally. Plus a few limited-edition shirts left in our store, get em now cheap. Yarg.

The Head Set is in hibernation, but we are still selling the amazing If It Takes All Night album on CD & vinyl, and t-shirts too. I still maintain they are one of the most overlooked bands of the past decade, do yourself a favor and see for yourself. You can now purchase Bumblefoot's merchandise here.


I had the great opportunity to interview one of my favorite writers for the Trip City podcast. We discuss Klosterman’s latest novel The Visible Man; his previous books, his love of watching football; the finale of the ABC TV series Lost; current shows he admires like AMC’s Breaking Bad; Guns N’ Roses and Radiohead; his writing philosophy and more. I get up to go the bathroom a lot and almost delete the entire interview.