Jan 8, 2015

Jam with Cousin Mike

After 5 different residences over the previous two years, I moved into a new place in mid-September.
One of the first things I did was move my Yamaha P22 upright piano in, as well. 
The piano was one of the few things salvaged from my hurricane-destroyed house in 2012.
It is certainly the most important material possession that survived the storm.
My boss, Elvis Duran, very generously arranged to have it brought to Z100 where it resided for 2 years until I got my life back together.

At work, the piano didn't get much of a workout, as work trumped play more often than not.
Still, I cleaned it up, kept it warm and it also got some love from the likes of John Legend, Mary Lambert, and more.

My cousin Michael Celi is from Tucson, Arizona and has undergone some recovery of his own as of late.
As part of that recovery, he has taken to writing songs on his acoustic guitar that remind me of artists like Neil Young and Lindsey Buckingham, showcasing a new style and a new attitude.
Mike's father, my Uncle Sal, was a big inspiration in my life - and still is.

Mike came to NYC for a visit in November and stayed here in my new place. 
We celebrated my birthday and worked on one of his new songs.
Our audience was a lone Westie dog, who is also recovering in his own right.

I'm proud of my cousin.
I was so happy to share this time with him and to christen this new apartment by making music together within its walls.
I love my new apartment and I love my Cousin Mike. 
I love that this is where I have landed.

I'm finally home.

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